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Peabody Proud Information

Peabody Proud Annual Giving Campaign

For over a dozen years, the parent-led Peabody Proud Campaign (PPC) has been raising annual funds to sustain the excellence of Peabody Charter School and its commitment to educate the whole child. Now an embedded part of the school’s annual budget, the flexible funding provided by the Peabody Proud Campaign is essential for a fiscally healthy school. As we saw during the pandemic, this flexible funding is critical for Peabody’s ability to adapt to constant change and have the ability to respond immediately. PPC enables Peabody to take action and keep continuity in teaching and programs. 

PPC provides essential funding for staff, educators, and programs as well as funding for resources that we can’t even anticipate. Last year, PPC funds supported technology, supplies, facilities upgrades, and teacher support.

This year, PPC will help to support important capital projects, including new A/C for the remaining classrooms and  upgrading the cafeteria equipment. Our amazing cafeteria is able to make home-cooked meals right here at Peabody that are no cost to families, thanks to continued government funding. The cafeteria also provides hands-on learning for the children, with projects incorporated into the classroom curriculum at all grade levels.

The goal for the 2023-24 Peabody Proud Campaign is $200,000 so we can maintain a stable part of Peabody’s budget. We have historically asked for $1,000 per child but understand people have different circumstances, so ask that you make the most generous gift that you can, at whatever level is attainable to you. We are striving for 100% participation from all Peabody families by September 30th. Literally no gift is too small, or too large.  

Together, we are Peabody Proud!



The Peabody Proud Committee  

Melinda Douglas, 3rd & 6th grade parent

Tiffany Mujahed, Kindergarten & 2nd grade parent

Lovita Wibisono, 3rd & 5th grade parent


¡La campaña anual de donaciones de Peabody Proud/Orgullo de Peabody comienza ESTA SEMANA!

  • Recaudación de fondos anuales para sostener la excelencia de Peabody Charter School y su compromiso de educar al niño en su totalidad.
  • La campaña  proporciona fondos para los recursos escolares, el personal, los educadores y los programas escolares. 
  • Este año, los fondos de la campaña se utilizarán para: 
    • Actualizar el equipo de la cafetería. Además de proporcionar comidas saludables preparadas en nuestra cafetería a todos los estudiantes, nuestra cafetería también se utiliza para experiencias prácticas de aprendizaje. 
    • Instalación de aire acondicionado nuevo para el resto de las aulas que aún no tienen uno. El objetivo es proporcionar un espacio cómodo para todos los estudiantes para que puedan aprender mejor en la escuela.
  • Estamos agradecidos a todas las familias que han contribuido en los años anteriores y nos esforzamos por lograr el 100% de participación de las familias de Peabody para el día 9/30/2022
  • La meta de recaudación para 2022-2023: $200,000


 The Peabody Proud Committee  

Melinda Douglas, 3rd & 6th grade parent
Lovita Wibisono, 2nd and 4th grade parent
Myra Yonemura, 6th grade parent