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Panther Program



Here are the rules and policies of the Peabody Panther Program, for after school care. Please read and discuss them with your child(ren) and return the bottom tear-off to the office when your child enrolls. Thank you!


All students must be picked up BY 6:00 PM each day! If you have an unavoidable emergency that will result in late pick-up, please call the Panther Program cell phone at 805-453-2874 so that we can make arrangements AND reassure your child. If we cannot get in touch with you and you are very late, the police will be contacted.

1. There is a $1 per minute late charge; i.e. 10 minutes late, $10 charge.

2. After three late pick-ups your child may be dropped from the program effective immediately.


Students must be signed out by a designated adult. If you have made arrangements to have someone other than yourself pick up the student, you must let us know in writing, either with a note or a fax to the school. (Fax #: 805-569-7042)


All school rules are in effect during the after school care program. The Panther Program is a privilege, and students who do not comply with the rules may be dropped from the program effective immediately.

Possible reasons for removal from the program:

  • Failure to comply with school rules
  • Failure to pay fees; repeated late payments
  • Failure to pick up student BY 6:00 PM