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Welcome to Peabody!

My name is Demian Barnett and this will be my 10th year as Superintendent/Principal of Peabody Charter and my 31st year as a professional educator.  Peabody is a special place – a happy place – and I look forward to working with you as your child grows and thrives as they make their way through the grades. 

Peabody is the largest elementary school in Santa Barbara, serving up to 750 students.  The school has deep roots in the community as it was established in 1927, and then reimagined as a charter school in 1993.  In fact, Peabody holds the 21st charter in a state with now more that 1300 charter schools. In all that time, Peabody has been proudly serving our community and help young people become their best selves. 

I often share with new families that the relationship with your elementary school is one of the longest that you’ll have with any organization.  Families that start their children in Kindergarten will spend seven years engaged with the school about the thing that is the most important to them – the growth and development of their children.  If there are younger siblings, that relationship can easily extend to over a decade.  

I take that relationship seriously, and truly invite you to that journey.  Parent involvement and participation is one of our core values, and I hope that you can take advantage of this fleeting moment where your energy, input, and effort can so positively influence not only the experience of your child(ren), but of all the children that attend Peabody.  Whether it’s attending school-wide events, volunteering, contributing to essential fundraising, or taking on a leadership role on one of our many committees or boards, your gift of time and talent can make all the difference. 

I welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year and I look forward to getting to know you and your children.  My staff and I are looking forward to the coming year and we are focused and ready to make it a year of laughs, learning, and positive growth.  


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Demian Barnett