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PODEMOS -Emerging Multilingual Advisory Council (formerly know as ENGLISH LANGUAGE ADVISORY COMMITTEE (E.L.A.C)

When a school site has at least 21 English learners, it is required by law to have a functioning English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). ELAC has a set role to play as defined by State codes. It provides means by which parents of English learners can become informed and actively involved in the school, advising the school as it addresses the needs of the English learners.

ELAC meets at least four times a year to review: the Single Plan for Student Achievement for English Learners, Needs Assessment for English Learners, School Attendance, and recognize students who have been reclassified as fluent English speakers. (CDE)

The goal of PODEMOS is to establish communication between the parents of Emergent Multilingual Students and the school and to help meet the needs of these students and families.

PODEMOS provides parents of Emergent Multilingual Students the opportunity to:

•Learn about programs offered to their students

•Work  as a committee of parents and school staff on effective actions to help support EML students

•Provide parents with a forum to express their thoughts and concerns 

•Be a part of a school community/committee directly related to their child’s needs


 2022-23  Meeting Dates

 All meeting are from 6:00PM - 7:30PM

 • September 29, 2022

• October 27, 2022

• January 26, 2023

• April 6, 2023


Podemos staff committee members and Parent Representatives 2022-23 

Julie Bolton - Director of Instructional Services -

Eileen Craviotto - Fourth Grade Teacher -

Tiffany Gonazalez - Kindergarten Teacher -

María Licón - ELD Coordinator/Bilingual Family Liaison -

Meagan Pasternak - Sixth Grade Teacher -

Marco Silva - Kindergarten Teacher -

Amy Zuchowicz - Sixth Grade Teacher- 

José Lopez  - Parent Representative