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Exploration Center

Our newest project, The Exploration Center, consists of a building housing three sections; a science wing, a computer lab, and a library, each allowing the school to fulfill its role in serving our community. Ground was broken on this building July 2003 and opened for students in December 2004.

The Science Lab.
The Science lab is a distinctive community resource, unlike any facility in our region. It houses laboratory stations with counters, sinks, charts, equipment for experiments, computer stations, a projection system, safety equipment, measuring devices, and display cases; the type equipment needed to provide outstanding learning opportunities for students, pre-professionals, and credentialed teachers.

The Library.
The library consists of a literacy center with facilities for programs such as our free adult literacy classes, a “great room” with comfortable chairs for reading, and an extensive collection of books and literacy materials. The Family Literacy Program offers English language instruction and parenting classes, conducted during evenings and weekends, for parents who do not speak English as their primary language.

The Computer Lab.
The computer lab consists of 31 computers, a projection device, an interactive whiteboard, digital movie production equipment, printers, and network connectivity. This room offers outstanding learning opportunities through our after school programs such as a digital imaging class taught by a Brooks Institute of Photography graduate.