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Gifted And Talented Education (G.A.T.E.)

Peabody Charter School offers a series of services to help meet the needs of gifted learners. Grade 4-6 teachers provide differentiated learning through homogenous groups of students with similar needs for math and language arts. GATE identified students in these grades are clustered together for daily math and language arts lessons. Grade 3 provides services in their individual classrooms.
The goal of the GATE services at Peabody is to incorporate the following skills and concepts into the regular classroom and the enrichment classes for the GATE students which will enable them to extend and enrich their learning: problem solving, creativity, self awareness, choice, listening, math, presentation, career awareness, research, speaking, fine arts, leadership, cooperation, study skills, reading, critical thinking, science, and drama.
Enrichment opportunities include grade level Math Super Bowl teams for students in grades 4-6 which compete in the Santa Barbara South County’s annual Mathematics Super Bowl Contest, Odyssey of the Mind teams for grades 3-6, Young Masters fine art class for students in grades 4-6 and the Youth Authors class serving grades 4-6.
GATE eligibility criteria and standards considered in the process are:
• Intellectual Abilities Test scores
• Grade level standards for language arts and mathematics
• Learning and behavior characteristics
For your information the following is a list of characteristics of a bright child compared to a gifted (or GATE) child:
A Bright Child knows the answers, is interested, attentive, has good ideas, works hard, answers the questions, performs in the top group, listens with ease, needs 6-8 repetitions for mastery, understands ideas, enjoys peers, grasps the meaning, completes assignments, is receptive,copies accurately, enjoys school, absorbs information, is a 'technician' of sorts, is a good memorizer, enjoys straight forward and sequential presentations, is alert and is pleased with his/her own learning.
A Gifted Child asks the questions, is highly curious, is mentally and physically involved, has wild and silly ideas, plays around yet tests well, discusses in detail and elaborates, is beyond the group, shows strong feelings and opinions, already knows, 1-2 repetitions for mastery, constructs abstractions, prefers adults, draws inferences, initiates projects, is intense, creates a new design, enjoys learning, manipulates information, inventor, good guesser, thrives on complexity, is keenly observant, and is highly critical.